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Common Paintball Questions


What is the Minimum Age?

About 10 years old is when you start being able to handle the 68 Calibre paintballs, and 6 years old for the 50 Calibre.


Are Reservations Necessary?

Yes, our BOOKING PAGE makes reserving a space easy!


What if we only have a very small group.

If you have under 6 players, please CONTACT US and we will see if other players would be available to come play. 


Do I need a Waiver?

Yes! If you fill it out beforehand, we can get you on the field faster. However, if you are under 18, you will need to have a parent or guardian fill it out and sign for you. ONLINE WAIVER


Can We Bring Food and Drinks?

Yes! We have tables for food and drinks and always provide cold drinking water.  Family Chill & Grill is also available to bring a 30 Inch Pizza. This is enough fuel for about 8 average appetites.  We also have an expert Birthday Cake maker. Please contact us about this. 


How long can we Play?

That is up to you. Groups usually book for 2 1/2 hours,  but we've had groups stay as long as 6 hours!


How long will 200 paintballs last?

The best analogy we've found to answer this is “How long will a glass of wine last?”  

It really depends on the person!


We’ve seen people have 200 paintballs last for a few hours, and I’ve seen people go through 200 in less than 5 minutes. It all depends how aggressive, and more over, how wasteful people are. I’ll see people repeatedly shooting a bunker, just to watch the paintballs explode. So obviously, if you squeeze the trigger as fast as possible, you can burn through 200 pretty quick. But if you wait, and shoot at people, and not just walls, floors, bunkers, then they can last a lot longer. The overall average in our field is about 500 paintballs per person, and the average person is here for about 2 1/2 hours. So about 250 an hour is the average.


Can we Bring our own Paintballs?

No, we are a field paint only facility. No outside paint can be used here.  


Can we Bring our own Equipment?

Yes! We would ask that your marker is chronographed to 270 FPS (feet per second) or lower, just like ours.  We must also approve your mask.


Does it Hurt?

Again, it depends on the person… but with all of the adrenaline and excitement, you may not even feel the hit. A lot of people equate the hit to being snapped by a rubber band. Depending on where you get hit, it can leave a little mark which will go away in a day or so, and by simply wearing the proper clothing, you can minimize or eliminate this.


*If you BOOK NOW a 50 Caliber Game, there is even less sting and kids as young as 6 can play!


What should I wear?

You must wear an approved mask that will protect your face. That is supplied with all our packages. Then just full coverage, long sleeves, and long pants. The younger crowd seems to prefer hooded sweatshirts, as then even the back of the head and neck are covered. Layering on clothes is a great idea.


We do have magic gloves for $2/pair and armored gloves for $10/pair.


Does the paint wash out?

Yes, it does. Actually, paintballs have no paint in them! They are a gelatin capsule, much like a bath oil bead, or a big round Advil caplet (about the size of a dime) and the stuff on the inside is mainly a product called PEG. This is a food grade synthetic oil filler that you find in toothpaste, visine, and even Dr. Pepper. You may get a few little grease marks, but since we don’t allow outside paint at our field, you don’t have to worry about big Pink, Orange, and Yellow stains like on other fields. All our paint is a non-toxic, non-staining, no-pigment special formulation for our field.

Can we bring Alcohol?

No. Unfortunately, our insurance doesn’t allow it.  When was the last time you saw a video on youtube of beer and guns going well?