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We offer affordable pricing for everyone! Bring your friends! More Friends = Cheaper Price!


$30/pp for 6-10 players

$25/pp for 11-19 players

$20/pp for 20-45 players

$20/pp if you have YOUR OWN GEAR

$20 for active MILITARY AND POLICE

*pricing is per person

Additional Paint is available for $45 per 2000 balls (1 case) Field Grade, $15 per 500 (1bag),

or $10 per 200 (hopper fill)

  • New World is $50/case of 2000 (breaks easier)

  • Valken codes( speedball marker) that operate electronically,
    lighter, and can reach higher rates of fire than the standard rentals.
     These are an extra $10 per player 


Additional Options

  • Enola Gaye smoke grenades 

      - $8 for WP40 (50-second smoke)

  • Protective gloves: magic stretchy gloves are
    $2 and 
    half finger tactical are $10

Per Player Pricing Includes:

  •   Field fee, Mask & Marker rental,

  •   200 paintballs (200 balls should last roughly
    45 minutes depending on your shooting style)

  •   Protective vest for smaller children
    (larger vests available in limited numbers)