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What Are The Rules?

  1. Obey ALL referee instructions.

  2. NEVER lift or remove your mask while on the field.

  3. NEVER remove barrel cover when off the field of play.(Inside the netting)

  4. NO physical contact between players.

  5. If you get hit by a paintball and it breaks (paint the size of a dime or bigger counts), yell "HIT" raise both arms, use barrel cover, and walk off the field.

  6. If you are within 10 feet of another player, ask them to surrender. DO NOT shoot another player at close range.

  7. DO NOT shoot players walking off field.

  8. DO NOT shoot players more than once. 1-2 shots is understandable, 10 is not.

  9. DO NOT shoot referees.

  10. NO BLIND FIRE; you must see you the target you are trying to shoot before pulling the trigger.