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What Are The Rules?

Woodsball - Woodsball is a style of paintball that can be played in natural terrain, including wooded areas - limited only by the availability of land. The format is flexible and is played at both the recreational level by enthusiasts of any skill level, and at the tournament level. The length of games is roughly determined by the expanse of the playing area and the number of players involved.  Woodsball features large teams, in competition to obtain various goals and objectives. Large Scale woodsball games are commonly referred to as "Big Games" or "Scenario Games". Popular examples of this format are Cousin's Big Game in Coram, New York, and Invasion of Normandy at Skirmish U.S.A in Pennsylvania.  Another variant of the Big Game is the "Attack and Defend" format where large numbers of attackers try to overrun a fixed, but well-defended objectives such as a compound or large building.


Speedball - Speedball is a team sport, and can be played recreationally or professionally, with games usually specifying teams of three, five, seven, and ten. The game is characterized by a small symmetrical playing field, with obstacles (inflatable bunkers) placed in various configurations to challenge players, and various game times. The NXL, for example, has varying time limits depending on the division. Stealth and concealment are of little use on a speedball field; there is very little to blend in with. Success is dependent upon teamwork, aggressive movement, and constant communication. Players wear uniforms, similar to more traditional sports.  Because of the small size, generally less than 20,000 square feet, and openness of the field, proper positioning combined with restricting movement is a primary element of speedball tactics; the team who is better able to keep their opponents pinned behind cover while they themselves are free to move will have an enormous advantage. Therefore, the number of shots fired by each player is significantly higher than in woodsball games.

Types of Play